..the most feared neighbourhood in a
country where murder and rape statistics
compete with those of war zones.


Hillbrow is where you get hijacked, raped
and murdered... 80% of all drugs coming into
South Africa are processed through Hillbrow.

SA Mail & Guardian

South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world - 300,000 South Africans died of AIDS related illness in 2010.

Efavirenz, one of the antiretroviral medications formulated to treat AIDS, is now being used as an hallucinogenic recreational drug - with Hillbrow the epicentre of this phenomenon.

HILLBROW is a dramatised animated snapshot of urban South Africa right here, right now; post-apartheid, post-reconciliation and post-Mandela. It interweaves the stories of three Johannesburg citizens, a trio linked by the abuse of efavirenz.

This is not just another ghetto movie -
this is a visceral journey into the urban heart
of a country at a significant junction in its
emergence as a true democracy. A country
where the abuse of donated HIV medication
demonstrates the way in which much foreign
aid ends up fuelling, rather than fixing,
a problem.

HILLBROW is aimed at an international
young adult audience; the kind of people
who flocked to see movies like City of God,
Slumdog Millionaire, La Haine, Amores Perros and Waltz with Bashir



A former schoolteacher who's been fired after getting one of his pupils pregnant. Desperately needing a new source of income to support his illegitimate township child, he turns to the illegal trading of anti-retrovirals, selling them on the streets of Hillbrow to kids in search of a cheap high.

Hillbrow (<10pg/mL) character profile



Traumatised and father-less since a fatal carjacking, she’s become increasingly estranged from her mother, finding solace in smoking efavirenz. This coping mechanism quickly transports her from Joburg’s comfortable Northern suburbs deep into Hillbrow’s criminal underbelly.

Hillbrow (<10pg/mL) character profile



A dynamic, young, Afrikaans police constable on the verge of a promotion. However, due, in part, to the post-Apartheid ‘black economic empowerment’ programme, he’s been constantly overlooked. Frustrated by the corruption and lack of meritocracy all around him, Steyn decides to take the law into his own hands.

Hillbrow (<10pg/mL) character profile

We have chosen 2D animation to enable us
to create a grittily stylised environment and
a uniquely South African ‘look’ for the film.

The aim is to provide a vivid insight into
contemporary South African society, using
animation to enable us to realise and
communicate events, locations and
characters that might otherwise prove
impossible to capture.

HILLBROW’s illustration style is based on the
‘outsider’ art that proliferates throughout
South Africa on shops, signs and posters.
Most of the artists behind this South African
public artwork are self-taught, and there is
an unique and endearing naivety to their
incorrect use of perspective and scale.

Rather than just mimic this aesthetic,
however, we have commissioned renowned
Cape Town illustrator Patrick Latimer to use
it as a launch-pad to create a unique style,
that lends itself perfectly to our characters’
story and their surroundings.

Golden Planes Presents Hillbrow An Animated Feature
Director/Writer Porteus Xandau
Producer Herman Le Roux Creative Director Sven Harding
Animation By Black Ginger Illustrated by Patrick Latimer

Golden Planes was formed in 2006 by producer Herman Le Roux. Since then the company has logged some serious airtime, making around 100 TV commercials and short films for clients from all over Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Virgin, Hyundai, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Nashua, Ariel and Vicks are amongst the brands that have entrusted our high-flying crew of directors and producers to skilfully pilot their projects to a smooth and successful touch-down. In developing the animated feature 'Hillbrow', Golden Planes has teamed up with the renowned South African animation and visual effects studio Black Ginger. 


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